艾习易机电设备(苏州)有限公司是成立于2009年,由母公司ACE Controls inc.全额投资的外商独资企业。母公司位于美国密歇根州,是世界领先的减速产品和技术供应商,在英国、德国、日本等地设有分公司,在110多个城市的35个国家和地区建有分销和服务网络。 作为高品质减速产品制造商, 艾习易苏州为亚洲市场提供具备良好的质量和性能的减振器和气弹簧,广泛应用于汽车,机器人技术,材料处理,包装,机床,木材,娱乐,医疗及其他行业。 艾习易(ACE)减震产品技术一流,世界领先,其中大容量的SC2系列产品在1.5倍的冲击压力下,仍能提高390%的减震效率,并以此获得专业设计大奖。 依托母公司的技术优势,艾习易苏州的愿景是生产具有成本优势的世界一流的减震产品,为客户提供一系列防止冲击损伤,抑制噪声,提高循环速度和提高产品性能等服务方案。 ACE Controls Suzhou Co., Ltd. is founded in 2009 by ACE Controls Inc., which located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, is the world leader in deceleration technology. Its global customer service network includes offices in England, Germany and Japan with distributors in over 110 cities in 35 countries. As a superior deceleration products manufacturer, ACE Suzhou provide good quality and performance shock absorber and gas spring for Asia market, meeting the needs of the automotive, robotics, material handling, packaging, machine tool, lumber, amusement, medical and other industries. Innovations include the adjustable and self-compensating industrial shock absorber models. More recent innovations include the award winning SC2 Heavyweight Series which elevated shock absorber effective weight capacity and energy absorption capability to new heights. In 1999, ACE introduced the ultimate in shock absorber design…the award winning Magnum Group, offering up to 390% of the effective weight capacity, plus up to 150% of the energy per cycle of standard models. ACE's aggressive product planning team focuses on continuous improvement and new product development. The goal is to provide customers with cost-effective, world-class products to meet their current and future requirements in a competitive global marketplace. In order to assure that this goal is achieved ACE utilizes the latest computer technology and CAD system software. Solid Edge enables the ACE engineering team to virtually assemble 3D designs with speed and accuracy. The Adina software system of finite element analysis allows ACE engineers to address issues in structural, thermal and fluid flow analysis. Rigorous lab testing assures that all new ACE products are capable of meeting the most demanding deceleration challenges. Products are evaluated for endurance, cycle life and material strength. ACE Suzhou, providing industry leadership with cost-effective world class products to decelerate loads, prevent impact damage, dampen noise, increase cycle speeds and improve product performance. 如您对哪个职位有兴趣,请发邮件到该信箱: [email protected] If you have interesting for any position, please send your resume to the mial adress: [email protected] 展开 公司地址:苏州市 (邮编:215000) 地图
尚思教育是北京八人教育在武汉的分支机构,遵循八人总部的“精品教育”理念并强调教育的有效性、广泛性和连续性,建立完整的教育体系和开放先进的教育模式,本着“爱心诠释教育”的理念,关爱每一位孩子的成长。现凭借着一流的师资队伍,合理先进的教学管理体系,先后帮助数以万计的中小学生考上了理想的中学和大学,受到了家长的一致好评,并得到了社会各界相关人士的广泛关注和支持。 联系电话: 027-87816610/87816630 展开 公司地址:武汉市武昌区水果湖路(招商银行旁)鹏程集团3楼 (邮编:000000) 地图

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